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HELLO, Nice to meet you!

Max & Ivan Schuppert, two brothers from the east of the Netherlands with the same mission.

The brand IVAN came alive as a modest idea in the family, this idea has now changed into an ambitious project. We want to share our passion and let people experience the beauty of Fairtrade products.

Our mission

Fair trade products start with honest entrepreneurship. The fast fashion industry fulfills our consumer desire and has a dominant position in the clothing industry. We wonder where the hype of ‘fast fashion’ comes from and how clothes can be offered so cheaply. This fast and cheap clothing production exploits workers and is at the expense of the environment; this is completely at odds with our standards and values.

Fair entrepreneurship has become our inspiration. We want to offer products that make us, the consumer and the makers of the products happy.

IVAN-shawl-plaid- we-are-IVAN

Why Choose Us ?

Lightweight Nepali cashmere-wool shawl that feels spun from air.
Our shawls are styled and made with a gentle marl pattern,
with a breezy frayed edge.

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